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HTML Guardian is now adopted as a world-wide standard for website protection. It is the unquestionable #1 tool to encrypt html code, protect javascript, vbscript, asp, php, css etc. files , website image protection and much more. Anyone who wants to protect his/her intellectual property now uses HTML Guardian. By becoming a ProtWare affilate, you may earn a lot of money with virtually no effort.
Please read carefully all the information below.

How to become a ProtWare affiliate

To register as an affiliate, please click here.

Fill the form, you will get all the necessary information.
An affiliate account will be created for you, and you'll be assigned an affiliate ID number. Initially, it will have an 'inactive' status. Read the next section about our affiliate requirements. Once you fulfill the requirements to become a ProtWare affiliate, please send an email to with the following information:
- the email subject must look like:
Affiliate:xxxxx:custom text here
where xxxxx is your affiliate ID, as assigned to you by
- in the email, please provide information about how to reach the page through which you intend to sell HTML Guardian.
     An example of a message body:
Please visit my domain Click the link entitled xxxxx. On the page that will load, click the link entitled yyyyy - this will lead you to the page through which I will sell HTML Guardian. The URL of this page is Please activate my affiliate account. My affiliate ID is xxxxxx.
After we examine your HTML Guardian page, we will activate your affiliate account and you may start selling HTML Guardian. Note that due to the very high demand, it may take more than two weeks before your affiliate account becomes active.

You can logon to your affiliate account at any time to see the account status, your sales statistics and earnings data etc.

Note: Affiliate accounts are managed by our reseller, not by ProtWare, Inc.

Requirements for ProtWare affiliates

Each ProtWare affiliate should create a separate web page about HTML Guardian.
This web page must meet the following requirements:

- the page should be named Protware.htm, Protware.html, HTMLGuardian.htm or HTMLGuardian.html . Any other file name will not be accepted (case doesn't matter, file name entirely in lower case is OK).
The page about HTML Guardian must be linked (with a regular hyperlink) either from:
- your main page ( [recommended]
- a .htm/.html page directly linked(through a regular hyperlink) from your main page
this means the page about HTML Guardian should be reached after not more than two clicks, starting from your main page (
- the link to reach the page about HTML Guardian should be a fixed, regular hyperlink. It must be possible to reach this page by typing it's URL directly in the browser's URL field. The link URL should end with .htm or .html - any links containing the '?' sign or similar will not be accepted.

- the page should not contain information about other products or services, including whatever banners, popups, etc. links to pages about other products or services etc. The only acceptable links on this page are:
- a link to
- links to your HTML Guardian Professional and Enterprise editions order forms. You can not sell the HTML Guardian Professional to Enterprise upgrade from your website.
- a link to your domain [index page]
- a link to another page that contains HTML Guardian description in another language.

- the page describing HTML Guardian should be of a size bigger than 4 KB (without images - the only acceptable images on the page are HTML Guardian screenshots). Feel free to copy HTML Guardian description pages from all shareware sites or from our website, but do not copy them literally.

- the page should not contain javascripts, activeX controls, should not require plugins(like Flash player etc.) - it should not contain anything but a regular html code ( style sheets are acceptable ).

- the page should be hosted on your own domain. It can't reside on a free server like Geocities etc.
- if your website is not in English, the page about HTML Guardian should contain a HTML Guardian description in your own language, as well as an English description - it's OK to have two pages about HTML Guardian - one with an English description and another one with a description in your own language.

- you can use your affiliate ID links to sell HTML Guardian only from pages within your domain. If we find another page outside your domain that has links to your HTML Guardian order forms, we may terminate your account. If you want to sell HTML Guardian through more than one domain, please inform us.

Terms and conditions
You may terminate your affiliate account at any time, without prior notification and without explanation.
ProtWare, Inc. may terminate your affiliate account at any time, without prior notification and without explanation. In such case you will receive your pending payments as usual.
ProtWare, Inc. may increase or decrease your commission percentage without prior notification and without explanation.

Commissions, payments and reporting

You will get your payments from our reseller, not from ProtWare, Inc.
You will receive statistics and notifications about the sales made through your affiliate account from our reseller , not from ProtWare, Inc.
For any questions about payments and your sales statistics, please contact

Initially, each affiliate is assigned a 20% commission of HTML Guardian's sales price.
On 15th of each month, we will re-calculate commission rates for the next month based on the sales statistics for the previous month. Most successful affiliates(top 20%) will get a better percentage, least successful affiliates may get a lower percentage. The accounts of least successful affiliates might be terminated, if they remain in this category for more than 3 consequent months. The new commission rates will become effective one month later (let's say you're in the top 20% for May - your commission rate will be re-calculated on 15th of June - you will start getting a better percentage for the sales generated in July). ProtWare will not inform you about the changes in your commission rates. You can see them after logging to your affiliate account.

Each affiliate may negotiate a custom commission percentage with ProtWare, Inc. This can be done at least 3 months after your affiliate account is activated.

Most successful affiliates may use another form of sales - they can purchase pre-paid license packs at a much better commission percentage. If you are interested in obtaining a pre-paid license pack, please email

Note: the first order only generated through your affiliate links gets 0% comission. This is so to make it useless to join the affiliate program only to get a discount for a single purchase.

Other Information

Please direct all your questions, suggestions and comments in regard to your affiliate account to
Please make sure the subject of your email looks like:
Affiliate:xxxxx:custom text here
where xxxxx is your affiliate ID, as assigned to you by
For problems in regard to payments, please contact - they manage the payments for you, not ProtWare, Inc.

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