Tools to protect websites - a comparison

   A comparison between HTML Guardian and the rest of the website protection tools available on the market.

In the table below, 'Leading competitor' is not some specific program. It is, so to say, the ideal mixture of all the competing products we know. If any competing program has certain feature (for example, to encrypt html source code or password protect web page), we consider that the 'Leading competitor' can encrypt the html source code and password protect web pages as well. Actually a product that has all the 'Leading competitor' features does not exist.

- feature is available
- feature is partially available [with a limited functionality and/or low security]
[blank] - feature is not available

HTML Guardian
Leading competitor
Security level
[HTML Guardian is taken as a basis, or 100%]
HTML Guardian is worldwide recognized as the most secure web site protection utility, even all our competitors acknowledge that. The unparallel level of security is one of the main reasons HTML Guardian to be adopted as a world website protection standard.
Encrypt html files encrypt html All competing products can encrypt html files, in most cases with a very low to none security.
Encrypt javascript / vbscript Most competing products can encrypt javascript files, in most cases with a very low to none security. Most can't protect vbscript files, but a few of them can do this (with a very low to none level of security)
Image protection A few competening products provide some basic form of image protection functionality, compromised by the very low overall security level. True Image protection is a unique HTML Guardian feature.
Encrypt shtml   No other program can encrypt files that use server-side includes(.shtml/.shtm/.stn files).
Additional protection options (disable right click, disable print screen etc.) Most competing programs provide additional source code protection options like disable right click, disable print screen (no one can do this properly but many offer this option), disable text copy, disable printing etc.
Protect .css files [style sheets]   Only HTML Guardian can protect style sheets [css] files.
Encrypt ASP files   No other program can encrypt ASP files.
Encrypt ASP includes   Only HTML Guardian can protect ASP includes.
Additional protection options for ASP files   Only HTML Guardian can protect ASP files with additional protection options. In fact, other programs can't encrypt asp files at all.
Precise, user-defined partial encryption Some competing products provide a basic partial encryption functionality, like 'encrypt head tag only', 'encrypt body tag only', 'protect links', 'encrypt javascript sections' etc. Only HTML Guardian allows you to precisely define which pieces of code to be encrypted, or which pieces of code to remain unencrypted.
Strong html password protection html password protect website HTML Guardian provides extremely secure, 384-bit html password protection. Some competing products claim they provide 128-bit password protection, or even more. In fact, the best security level a competing product reaches is 56-bit encryption - such password is hard to be cracked by the average user or even by advanced users. However a determined person can crack such html password with some of the many tools available for this purpose all over the web. HTML Guardian is the only tool that provides a really unbreakable way to html password protect web page or to password protect website entirely.
Encrypt PHP files A few competing programs can encrypt PHP source code in one or another way.
Advanced batch file processing Most competing applications provide some form of batch files processing - they can encrypt all the files in a folder or in a user-defined file lists. None of them can configure, save and encrypt lists of files(or entire web sites) with an individual protection options specified for each file, or to apply different security profiles dynamically, based on user-defined criteria.
Full command line support A few programs allow some basic command line usage. HTML Guardian allows advanced command-line usage, you can define almost all protection options in command line mode.
Profiles to quickly apply predefined sets of protection options   No other program provides a similar functionality
Auto-select most suitable encryption method for each file   Some competing applications use 2-6 different weak encryption methods, and the user has to select which one to be applied. HTML Guardian uses more than 50 algorithms. The difference is it uses them internally and automatically selects the most suitable one which ensures the best possible security and performance for each part of every protected file.
Deep source code analysis [CodeAnalyzer]   All similar programs use hard-coded encryption algorithms which do not change, no matter what file is being encrypted. HTML Guardian selects the most suitable encryption method after a deep source code analysis performed by the CodeAnalyzer engine. After the process is finished, the encrypted source is tested in all the installed browsers by the debugging engines. If there are errors or if the security level is evaluated as unsatisfactory, the encryption process restarts with a different algorithm and initial settings.
Debugging the encrypted source in installed browsers   No other application tests the protected source in all installed browsers for errors or security problems. HTML Guardian debugs the encrypted source in Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera browsers simultaneously [if those browsers are installed on the user's system] .
Customize browser layout - remove address bar, tool bar, status bar etc.   The option to customize the browser layout available in the SiteManager tool is unique to HTML Guardian. It allows you to optionally remove the browser address(URL) bar, Toolbar, Status bar and Menu bar, as well as to display the protected web site in fullscreen mode.
Auto-update via the web   Check for new versions, download available updates from our web server and install them automatically with two clicks (this feature is available only in the Professional and Enterprise editions).
Macromedia DreamWeaver integration   The Dreamweaver encryption addon provides a convenient way to perform some tasks as well as to encrypt the currently edited file and test encrypted html files directly from Dreamweaver's interface.
Compress & optimize html source code Some programs have basic code compression functionality. HTML Guardian will remove any single useless bit from your files, thus reducing the file size with 10-40%. It is also possible only to compress & optimize the source code, without encrypting it.
Encrypt HTML-formatted email Some of the competing programs can also encrypt html formatted email messages in one or another way.
Adopted as web site protection standard   All the above clearly shows why HTML Guardian is adopted worldwide as a standard in web site protection

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