Download HTML Guardian Personal edition Mini Setup

In some rare cases you may have problems installing HTML Guardian, like error messages during the install process, or continuous prompts to reboot your system in order to update system files (Note: On some systems you may be prompted to reboot once so that the installer can update system files that are currently in use - this is normal, please follow the instructions).
These problems are due to some bugs certain versions of Windows have, mainly Windows 2000 (the latest service pack 4 seems to fix the problem on most installations, so it's recommended to install it).
If you encounter installation problems, click the link below to download the HTML Guardian Mini Setup, you shouldn't have problems installing it.
In the Mini Setup the Windows system files which are known to cause such problems are not included, but they are already available on most Windows PC's. It is not recommended to run the Mini Setup on a newly installed windows system since some of the needed system files may not be available.
In case you encounter problems when using the program after installing the Mini Setup (error messages, certain features not working,etc), you should download and install the full setup package, or solve the problems as explained here.

Download HTML Guardian Mini Setup

If you have problems installing HTML Guardian on Windows 9.x systems(error messages during installation) , please do this:
- copy the installer file ( HTMLGuardian.exe ) on your Desktop (so that you do not have to open Windows Explorer to start it)
- restart the computer.
- start HTMLGuardian.exe immediately after the system reboots, before starting any other program.

The program should install OK. If not, download the Mini Setup from the link above.

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