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Image Protection with Image Guardian.

Encrypt Javascript protect VBScript - secure script source.

HTML Guardian offers enhanced website images protection. The core HTML guardian features like to encrypt javascript and html source provide a very good image protection - visitors can't right click and save them, the paths to them are not visible in the protected html source etc. However your images are somewhere on the hard drive of each visitor of your website. Everyone can retrieve them from the browser's cache, even if you encrypt JavaScript and HTML source code. The Image Guardian add-on will prevent this(note that it can process only .jpg, .gif , .png and .bmp files) by dividing your images into pieces with meaningless file names - they will still appear on your website the same way, but saving them will be extremely hard. Usually the browser cache contains hundreds or even thousands of pictures from different websites, and it will be nearly impossible to find all the pieces that were used to display some protected image. Joining all the pieces together to recreate the original requires expensive programs like Adobe PhotoShop and will in all the cases result in decreased picture quality.
Note that the code used to display the images is encrypted using the award winning HTML Guardian's technology , worldwide recognized as a standard in website protection.
Note that the enchanced image protection provided by Image Guardian is fully functional only in the Enterprise edition of the program. In the free Personal edition and in the Professional edition the Image Guardian functionality is limited. It is, however, sufficient for testing purposes.
A detailed comparison between all the editions can be read here

All other features like the ability to encrypt JavaScript, HTML, css code, as well as all the additional protection options are fully functional in the Personal and Professional editions. All batch protection capabilities are fully functional in all the editions.
The command line support for all the encryption capabilities is also unlimited in all editions.

You can protect your site in many ways - you may disable view source command, hide html source code, use the advanced image protection features and much more, not only to encrypt html source code.
HTML Guardian Encryption add - on for DreamWeaver (updated version compatible with DreamWeaver 8 is available) makes it easy to perform several encryption tasks with HTML Guardian, as well as to encrypt the currently edited file and test the encrypted html files in a browser directly from DreamWeaver's interface. Get the add-on from our downloads page.
Read:  [DreamWeaver encryption add-on installation info]

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