Extremely secure, unbreakable password protection for HTML files

Ultra - Strong HTML Password protection

 is a new feature in HTML Guardian.

It makes possible to password protect html files in an extremely secure way, using up to 384 bit keys for encryption. Such protection is absolutely impossible to be cracked, even by using thousands of supercomputers together for distributed cracking.
Just for comparison, 128 bit encryption is considered secure enough and is used for online credit card payments and other transfers of sensitive information. In some countries, the export of software that uses encryption stronger than 256 bit is prohibited (but the usage of such software is not, so you can use the ultra-strong html password protection without violating any laws).

HTML Guardian is the only tool to provide such ultra strong password encryption for HTML files.
There is a countless number of programs that provide pseudo - secure protection based on elementary home-made encryption algorithms which can be cracked sometimes in minutes - this just gives a false sense of security.

     Main features:

 Strong password protection for HTML files   Nobody can never ever view the content of the protected file without providing the correct password. It's impossible to crack the protection no matter what method is used ( linear or differential cryptanalysis, brute force cracking, etc. ).
 No need of special encryption  software   No special software is needed to view the protected content - just a javascript enabled browser. You may send the protected html file as an email attachment or just put it somewhere on the web.
With other high-end encryption software, people usually need to have the same program with which the file was protected in order to view it. This is a big problem because most people don't have such programs, and in many cases they are expensive or a subject of different export restrictions.
Many corporations and other organizations do not allow such software to be installed at all. HTML Guardian is the only high-end security software with such exceptional ease of use. Html password encryption requires the user to have just a browser and nothing more.
 Password protect website   User friendly - you may password protect many html files, for example the entire "members - only" area of your website, but the users need to enter the password only once - the first time they visit any of the protected pages (of course this is optional, users may be prompted for a password for any file as well).
Password will not be stored on the user's PC in the form of cookies or in whatever other form.

For a detailed information about the encryption strength and for explanation of all the features and configuration options please read the "Ultra-Strong password protection" section of the Help file.

Note that this feature is fully functional only in HTML Guardian Enterprise edition. A detailed comparison between HTML Guardian Personal, Professional and Enterprise editions you can see here.

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