HTML Guardian beta testing program

Currently beta tested products: HTML Guardian Server edition version

HTML Guardian Server edition beta built 27.g is now available.
Download information has been sent to all members of the beta testing program. Please download and use the latest version.

HTML Guardian Server edition is different from the Personal / Professional / Enterprise editions. It is specifically designed for protection of server-side generated dynamic content, like Active Server Pages. The current version can encrypt ASP and shtml files . *
A support for protection of ColdFusion files will be added in the next built.
Note that you can protect shtml files with all editions of HTML Guardian.
Server edition introduces the revolutionary DynamicGuard™ technology - it protects in real time the code server sends back to the browser. You don't need to encrypt the files you put on the server. When some of them is requested, HTML Guardian Server edition will encrypt the server response and send the encrypted code to the browser.
To test HTML Guardian Server edition, you need to have the appropriate privileges to install and run executables on the server. The easiest way to test it is to install Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) on your computer.
(IIS is a part of all Windows 2000 & XP Professional and server editions)

All beta versions of HTML Guardian Server edition should be used for testing purposes and are for personal use only. If you are a web space provider, you are not allowed to use beta versions of HTML Guardian Server edition to offer protection for the sites hosted on your servers, unless you have a written permission from ProtWare.

Please direct all your questions, suggestions and support requests regarding HTML Guardian Server edition to, not to our support team.

* Note that you can protect ASP and shtml files with all non-server editions of HTML Guardian.
The difference is: Non-server editions can only protect the server - side parts of the code for ASP files(which is usually the most valuable part) and some predefined parts of the client-side code. The code which visitors will see will not be protected (except the parts of the client-side code marked for encryption). The server edition will encrypt the server response generated after the asp file is processed - the entire code sent to the visitors browsers will be protected. Read some more information here.
The above also means you should use a non-server edition to protect the files you develop for third parties, if you don't want they to be able to reuse your code.
For shtml files, parts of the code visitors will see in their browsers will not be encrypted(this is the code that comes from the includes, the rest will be) if you use a non-server edition. With the server edition, the whole code will be encrypted, including the parts of it that come from the includes.
Please note that the server edition can not protect already encrypted files.

We are sorry, but our beta testing program is temporary closed for new members.
More than 7 800 beta testers joined the program so far, and it is very difficult for us to process the feedback, suggestions and questions from so many people.
Please check this page regularly if you want to join the beta testing program. We will re-open it when we release beta 3, where hopefully most of the bugs found so far will be fixed.

We would like to thank all our customers and all participants in our beta testing programs for helping us improve our products.

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