HTML Guardian version history

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November 2002 - HTML Guardian v6.4 was released.
Version 6.4.0 has many improvements in regard to ASP files protection:
- Encrypt ASP files that use encrypted includes.
- Encrypt client-side html / script code in ASP files.
- Added new Ultra-Strong password protection utility, allowing you to password protect HTML files in an extremely secure way, with up to 384 bit key encryption.
Some small user interface improvements and minor bug fixes.

September 2002 - HTML Guardian v6.3 was released.
Increased encrypted files security.
Additional protection options can be used for .asp files.
CodeAnalyzer™ engine and Encryption engine speed was increased.
A new feature, Customized browser layout, was added to Site Manager. You can define which parts of the browser's interface to be enabled for your protected site - you can optionally remove the URL(address) bar, Status bar, Tool bar, Menu bar from the browser's interface, open your site in FullScreen mode etc.
Enhanced support for double byte languages.

July 2002 - HTML Guardian v6.2 was released.
Version 6.2 introduces the Image Guardian add-on for HTML Guardian - a tool for enhanced protection of your website images.
No doubt this was the most requested HTML Guardian feature ever - we have received thousands of emails asking us for yet better image protection functionality.
Another new feature in v 6.2 is the Site Manager, a tool to encrypt your entire web site with a few clicks.

April 2002 - HTML Guardian v6.0 was released.
Many new features and improvements were introduced in HTML Guardian 6.0.
The new Profile Manager let's you create profiles which contain predefined settings for the encryption options, Code Analyzer, Encryption and Debugging engines.
It's possible to fine tune some of the HTML Guardian's advanced settings, such as the Code Analyzer engine Heuristics Sensitivity Level, debugging options and much more.
Many improvements in Code Analyzer, Encryption and Debugging engines.
A lot of improvements in the user interface.
And much more ...

January 2002 - HTML Guardian v5.6.0 was released.
Two of the most requested features were implemented in this version:
File List Manager - you can create file lists and set different protection options for each file in the list.
Much more powerful partial encryption - now you can specify not only parts of the code to be encrypted, but also parts of the of the code to be skipped.
Small user interface improvements.

December 2001 - HTML Guardian v5.5.5 was released.
Fixed bug that caused program crashes in some rare cases of .shtml files encryption.
Added Auto Update Utility which downloads and installs new versions of the program automatically (only available in Professional Edition).

November 2001 - HTML Guardian v5.5 was released.
Increased security for encrypted files.
Optimized add-ons, Internet Explorer 6 Image Toolbar is automatically disabled in encrypted files if 'Disable right click' option is selected.
Improved browser compatibility.
Several bug fixes.

September 2001 - HTML Guardian v5.4 was released.
Great encryption speed improvement.
Added support for encryption of .shtml files.
Several bug fixes.
Increased security for encrypted files.

August 2001 - HTML Guardian v5.3 was released.
Added option to encrypt Meta tags.
Added option only to compress HTML code(without encryption).
CodeAnalyzer™ engine improvements, better support for some new features in Internet Explorer 6.

July 2001 - HTML Guardian v5.2 was released.
Added support for partial .ASP files encryption (only the server-side code is encrypted).
Added option to disable printing of protected files ( only for Internet Explorer 5 or higher ).

May 2001 - HTML Guardian v5.0 was released.
CodeAnalyzer™ engine was made self-adapting, the user no longer needs to configure it.
The way CodeAnalyzer™ engine and Encryption engine interact was completely changed.
CodeAnalyzer™ engine speed was greatly improved - debugging in Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera is now simultaneous.
Added option to prohibit offline use of encrypted files.

January 2001- HTML Guardian v4.7 was released.
Added CodeAnalyzer™ support for Opera.
CodeAnalyzer™ engine speed was improved.
Encryption engine speed was improved.
Added option to disable text selection.

September 2000 - HTML Guardian v4.3 was released.
Added full command line support for easy automation of some common encryption tasks.
Added referrer check option.

April 2000- HTML Guardian v4.0 was released.
Added CodeAnalyzer™ support for Netscape browsers.
The option for separate encryption for Internet Explorer and Netscape was removed.
New debugging options added to CodeAnalyzer™.
Added option for password protection of encrypted pages.

December 1999- HTML Guardian v3.6 was released.
Added support for partial encryption of html files.

November 1999 - HTML Guardian v3.5 was released.
It introduced the revolutionary CodeAnalyzer™ engine used to debug the encrypted code and allow the user to change several options in case of problems. In this release, only Internet Explorer was supported by CodeAnalyzer™.
Added option for separate encryption for Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers.
Several bug fixes.

April 1999 - v3.0 was released.
Web-Cipher ! was renamed to HTML Guardian.
Several new protection options added.
Added support for encryption of frameset files.
Added option to encrypt all files in a folder at once.

April 1998 - Web-Cipher ! v2.0 was released.
Added support for encryption of javascript(.js) files.
Encryption speed was improved.
Several bug fixes.

June 1997 - Web-Cipher ! v1.0 was released. It was only able to to encrypt html files.

April 1997 - first public beta of Web-Cipher! was released.

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