February 2023: HTML Guardian Version 7.9.1 [b.227] is now available. Read what's new here .
Versions 6.2 and later now include Image Guardian, the long awaited HTML Guardian add-on for enhanced image protection.
Versions 6.4 and later now include the new Ultra-Strong HTML password protection utility.

"HTML Guardian sets the standard for intellectual property protection on the Web."
Peter Whiley, WebContent Magazine

Since the early days of the Web, "borrowing" web content of any kind has been a common practice - page layouts, complicated scripts or java applets that may have taken weeks to develop and debug, images, links, style sheets, articles ...

Creating a professional-looking website requires a huge amount of time, effort, and knowledge and experience in many areas of expertise - from image editing to programming. But the result of all this effort can be simply taken and reused by anyone. In today's highly competitive environment, this is something serious web developers would like to prevent.
As a solution for this situation, in June 1997 ProtWare released Web-Cipher !, the HTML Guardian predecessor, which quickly became extremely popular.

Today, more than 20 years later, HTML Guardian is the de facto world standard for protection of intellectual property on the Web.
It is being used by thousands of corporations, organizations, web design companies, software developers, web hosting providers, e-book authors and publishers, universities, colleges, agencies, foundations, small- and medium-size businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals in more than 100 countries all over the globe.

Compare HTML Guardian to other tools for website protection
[see why it is adopted worldwide as a website protection standard]

Most software developers would never reveal their source code. Why should you ?
Get HTML Guardian now and enjoy these great benefits!

  • Total protection for your website !
  • Encrypt html code and javascripts. Make it impossible to reuse them.
  • Encrypt asp files and pages that use server-side includes(.shtml), as well as php files.
  • Protect the images on your website with Image Guardian.
  • No Censorship! Keep away all web content filters. This can increase the average number of visits to your site by several times!
  • Encrypt style sheets. Encrypt HTML-formatted email.
  • Do not allow stealing of your links.
  • Password protect websites or individual files. Extremely secure, 384-bit html password protection is available.
  • Hide html source from email spiders and avoid spamming.
  • Stop hackers and cyber criminals. Source code encryption significantly reduces the attack surface of your site.
  • Keep site rippers away from your site.
  • Unparallel level of security.
  • Advanced batch encryption capabilities - protect entire folders, websites or user-defined file lists at once with different security settings for each file. Full command line support.
  • and much, much more ....

For a detailed overview of all HTML Guardian features, click here.

"When we talk about protection of web content, we talk about HTML Guardian. Nothing else comes even close."
Rick Morales, theNET!

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