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Please do not send the same email to more than one of our email addresses.
In case you are not sure which of our email addresses to use, mail to
If you want to send us some files, please zip them.

For anything related to our beta-tested products, please email only to

Corporate, developer and educational licenses owners - please include your full Account ID either in the subject line or in the message body of your email.

We usually reply to all emails the same day. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, please resend your email. Make sure any anti-spam software you use is configured to accept emails from If you use some online anti-spam service that requires the sender to visit some website and confirm sending, please make sure to add our emails to the list of trusted addresses before emailing us.
If you emailed us twice and there is still no reply, this means your email server failed to receive our reply. In such case, please resend your email using another email account / address, like a Hotmail or Yahoo one. We will reply to this address.
We suggest to include an alternative email address(Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc.) in your emails to us. If your email to us contains an alternative email address, we will send a copy of our reply to this address too.

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