See a sample encrypted file

Click the link below to see a demo of a file protected with HTML Guardian.
Actually that's our 'Features' page, but this time it is encrypted.

The page is protected with the following protection options:

  • Disable right click

  • Disable text selection

  • Don't allow offline use
  • - after the encrypted page opens, save it to your hard disk and try to open the file by double clicking it in Windows Explorer - you will see that the file does not work.

  • Referrer check
  • - this page can be linked only from pages from within our domain, If you try to open this page by clicking a link to it from another page (outside the domain) or directly (by typing the page URL in the address bar of you browser, or from your Favorites / Bookmarks), you will not be able to see it.

  • Disable page printing - if you try to print the protected file, only blank pages will be printed.

Click here to open the encrypted demo page
( will open in a new browser window )

After the page opens, click View --> Source in your browser to see the encrypted source code.
Of course, this is only a brief demonstration of what HTML Guardian can do. To test all the protection options, powerful partial encryption capabilities, automation of encryption tasks and all other features, please download the free HTML Guardian Personal Edition and try it yourself - you can test it as long as you wish. You can do this here.

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