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Encrypt ASP source

Encrypt ASP source and protect it from theft. HTML Guardian is the first and most popular solution for a complete website protection.
Main features include:
Encrypt HTML Protect ASP source code
Enhanced website images protection Javascript encryption
Protect eBay auctions and links!
Do not allow your links, applets, style sheets, sound files etc. to be stolen. No portion of the encrypted html or script code can be reused by somebody else in other files. If the source code is protected it will be impossible for the so called email extractors to analyze it and get the email addresses posted on your site. The programs known as site-rippers, such as TeleportPro, will not be able to read the encrypted javascript and html source and download your entire site for offline use.
Although extremely powerful, the interface is very easy to use even for novices. All encryption options can be quickly set from the main window. The powerful batch processing utilities - the Site Manager and File List Manager - can be invoked from the Tools menu. HTML Guardian can also be used in command line mode which allows you to protect all file types which HTML Guardian can encrypt asp, javascript, (s)html ,css etc. through batch files or to control it from external applications like your own Visual Basic, C, C++ etc. programs
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There are several ways to protect your website - you may disable view source command, hide html source code, use the advanced image protection features and much more, not just to encrypt html source

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